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“We create, innovate & deliver cost effective design product with  value added features to suit our client’s needs in a dependable manner”

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We believe architecture is a social art. It must encompass and transcends aesthetic and formal concerns to reinforce, enhance and celebrate emotion, behavioral and functional needs. 

Running deeply throughout our work is a passion for design that enriches the human experience. Akipanel Architects believe that besides being functional and sculptural, a good building should enhance human experience and improve people’s live; thus add quality to the community.

Our primary aim is to create value added design product for our client through innovative architecture that is cost effective, functional and commercially viable. The firm constantly endeavors to inject new ideas into each project to make it conceptually unique in terms of layout, spatial juxtaposition and human experience. Quite often, this can be achieved without significant cost; it’s just a matter of innovation and clever decisions. We believe in teamwork; through brain storming, we reveal, explore, conciliate and synthesize the often contradictory elements into a harmony whole. 

Likewise, excellence has been achieved in close and co-operative relationships with clients, through comprehensive services tailored to meet our client’s needs. As a practice and as individuals; we are dedicated, caring and dependable.  Most of all, we deliver what we promised In short, we listen, innovate and deliver. This pragmatic approach ensures our design dilutions are practical and viable. In return, we are awarded with recurring and long termed clients.

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